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RPM Student Access

Download and Access instructions

RPM is a stand-alone client application that runs on any Windows (10 or higher) system. The software connects to the RPM servers through an Internet connection and allows students to watch and manage their portfolio 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Step 1 - Download Rotman Portfolio Manager (RPM)

Step 2 - Download the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

If you’re using Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, or Windows Server 2019, we recommend installing .NET Framework 3.5 through the control panel.

Step 3 - Get the class code

RPM provides two types of purchased accounts: Standard accounts and Practice accounts. Standard accounts are used to register for classes taught by your professors. Practice accounts can only be used to practice trading/portfolio management outside of classes. In other words, your professor cannot view or administer Practice accounts.


Students must be enrolled in an RPMbased course in order to set up an account. In class, your professor will give you a Class Code and a Class Password. You cannot create an account without a class code.


You must still use a valid class code and password when registering for a practice account, even though your account will not be part of the class. Once you create your practice account, it will be registered under our practice class.


In case your university is paying for your RPM account, you do not have to purchase an account. Proceed to Step 4. Simply choose the “prepaid” account option when registering your account.


If you are not enrolled in a class that is using RPM and you want to create your own account to practice, you can purchase a practice account for $20.00 CAD per account. Practice accounts cannot join the class and are meant only for students to use if they want to manage their own accounts outside of the class.


Step 4 - Set up your RPM account

Visit the Rotman Portfolio Manager account creation site to claim an account serial key. A serial key will enable you to create an RPM account and join your professor’s class. Each account is active for 14 weeks (one semester) from the day it is created.

Note: Some professors/schools may choose to pre-pay for the accounts. If this is the case, click the “Prepaid Account” button and leave the serial key area blank, as you do not need to purchase a serial key from the Purchase website.

Step 5 - Activate your account

Launch RPM application

Launch the RPM application from your desktop computer; you will see the following login screen. Click on the “New Account” link in the top right corner.

Fill in all fields

Make sure that you enter your Class Code and Class Password correctly as given to you; otherwise, you will not be able to create the account.

With existing serial key

Please insert your purchased serial key in the “Serial #” field.

Without serial key (Prepaid accounts)

If your professor or school has prepaid for your accounts, then click the “Use Prepaid Account” box and then create your account with the Serial # field left empty.

Step 6 - Review the tutorials

Ensure you review the quick start tutorial.