RSM2913HS 2022

GettingItDone® Intensive
9:15 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.
Location : TBD
January 3 – 14, 2022
Dr. John O’Dwyer and Prof. Kelly Murumets


 Jedi Guide to GettingItDone (GID)

Jedi Guide to GettingItDone (GID)
You must unlearn what you have learned,
To have ”GID Jedi” title earned.
The path three Masters show to you:
Martin, Drucker and Reddin too.

Martin’s five questions lead the way;
Answer before strategic games you play,
What winning aspiration is?
To rule the world or mind your biz?
Where play will you?
Where many tried or where tried few?
How win will you?
With your lightsaber or kung fu?
What capabilities in place be must?
The force or hyperdrive or magic dust?
What management systems required are?
The Coalition, Vader or Death Star?

Drucker next tells you just what he sees:
“To be effective executive’s job is!”
Imagination, intelligence and knowledge’s not enough;
Without effectiveness success is tough.

The Dark Side’s strong, but fear not,
Effectiveness can always be practiced and taught.
These key five habits effectiveness lives in,
Please use them frequently to guarantee a win.
First, track your time to know yourself,
Then manage and consolidate the time itself.
Second, results seek you must,
Your contribution, not your work we trust!
Third, build on strength that’s within you,
Do not start that which you can’t do.
Fourth, on priorities you must agree:
“DO FIRST THINGS FIRST” that is the key!
And fifth, last, but not the least,
Few good decisions will keep wheels greased.

Reddin at last shows that choosing right management style,
Can add Effective Management skill to your LinkedIn profile.
Separated style is low on both relationship and task,
Why Deserter will fail, Administrator you can ask.
Related style’s task is low, but relationship’s high,
Missionary will get “nay”, but Developer “aye”.
Dedicated style’s high on task, but relationship’s lo
Only to a Benevolent Autocrat nations bow.
Integrated style is high on both indeed,
Compromisers vanish while Collaborators lead.
Having three managerial skills is essential
To earn the true “GID Jedi” credential.
Situational sensitivity skill offers a tip:
Know when you should use task or relationship.
Style flexibility clearly is a special ability:
Transforms you from Developer to Collaborator with agility.
Situational Management skill should not be conceded:
Change any situation if that is what’s needed.

The lessons three Masters teach are complementary:
(1) The path, (2) how to walk by yourself, (3) and with others essentially.
Learn you can only by doing, through error and trial
Rebellion troops will then follow you into battle most hostile.
Practice and practice, again and again
Results will you see, and it won’t be in vain.
In our age information is super abundant
Yet Buzz Feed’s “How To” lists seem so very redundant.
Thus these lessons are more valuable now than back then
Please wait not until the Empire strikes us again.
And though decades have passed these lessons still don’t lie;
Simply do or do not, for there isn’t a try.

By: Denis Chichkine (GID class January 2017)


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