Course Description

GettingItDone® is a hands-on management course that teaches students the essentials of management. “It” is your vision for your position, and GettingItDone® is all about execution!

Students will experience the GettingItDone® Management System, a proven approach to executing your vision and delivering results effectively, which is used by all types of organizations from Fortune 500 to high tech start-ups, not-for-profits, boards, and government institutions.

During the course, in teams, students will get to work through 21 proven management tools that comprise the GettingItDone® Management System. This Management System and its tools are designed to help you make immediate and effective changes in any work situation.

Please note that this is a ‘doing’ course and not a ‘memorizing’ course, and you will get to set yourself up for the results you want to achieve at your workplace going forward.

The course is designed for soon-to-be MBA graduates to prepare them for when they are in leadership and management positions.

The GettingItDone® Management System is based on the works of Peter F. Drucker, Bill Reddin, and Roger L. Martin. The Management System is built around four integrative frameworks: Strategic Choice, Organization Alignment, Results Management, and Continuous Improvement.

In class, students will be responsible for completing both team-based and individual-based assignments. They will be part of a team that will work on a business simulation where they will have the opportunity to practise using the GettingItDone® Tools.

The course faculty have extensive experience running and consulting to organizations based on what they will teach in class.  They will not only share this experience in class but will also make themselves available for one-on-one coaching.  The course also includes sessions with GettingItDone® practitioners who will come in and share their experiences with the class.

Course Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will learn a management system that incorporates strategic choice, organizational alignment, managing for results, and continuous improvement.
  2. Graduates will be able to effectively implement their vision when in leadership and management positions.
  3.  Students will get proven tools and methods to achieve organizational results.
  4.  Students will get proven tools that will improve their personal effectiveness.