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RSM2008H – Creative Destruction Lab Introductory Course (Spring 2022)

General Information


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Applicable Major(s):
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Important Information

In Spring 2022, this course will only be available for M/E students. Students who wish to take RSM2013 will need to attend a mandatory half-day online session on Sunday, April 24 from 10:00-13:00.

Target Audience

This course is primarily targeted at students who are interested in strategy, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial This online course is primarily targeted at students who are interested in careers in strategy, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial finance, new product development, and economic development policy. It will be a prerequisite for students wanting to apply for the Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) Advanced Course RSM 2013Y where students will have the opportunity to work directly with a CDL venture. Interested students should familiarize themselves with the CDL and its various activities prior to registering for this course. More information is available on the CDL website at


0.5 credits will be granted for completion of this course. Online lectures will be released between March 2022, and April 2022, with the course culminating in an in-class session at the Rotman School of Management in April 2022 (TBD). For students who wish to apply for the CDL Advanced Course RSM 2013Y, the in-class session in April is mandatory.

Course Mission & Scope

We study a framework for developing an entrepreneurial strategy. This involves the key choices of customer, competition, technology and identity as well as whether ventures pursue a control versus execution focus. As part of preparation for the main CDL course in the second year, this course will also introduce you to the business of artificial intelligence (AI). You will explore what machine learning is, what its economic properties are, how it impacts strategy, its risks and legal implications. This is relevant given that most ventures at CDL-Toronto leverage AI, making the learning of AI concepts essential preparation for working with a venture in year two while also providing an introduction to AI in the real business world.

Evaluation and Grade Breakdown

ComponentDue DateWeight
Assignment #1: Entrepreneurship StrategyPart 1: TBD
Part 2: TBD
Assignment #2: AI CanvasTBD40%

Required Resources

  • Entrepreneurial Strategy by Joshua Gans, Erin Scott and Scott Stern
  • Prediction Machines: The Simple Economics of Artificial Intelligence by Ajay Agrawal, Joshua Gans and Avi Goldfarb.
  • Links to additional readings will be provided in the course outline

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