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RSM2012H – Entrepreneurship

General Information


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Applicable Major(s):
(c) = Core, (r) = Recommended

  • Health Sector Management (r)
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship (c)
  • Real Estate (r)

Target Audience

This course will be of interest to students who are engaged in a venture start-up, would like to start a venture, or would like to work with early-stage ventures.  This course is part of the Innovation & Entrepreneurship major, as well as the Health Sector Management and Real Estate majors.


12 regular sessions

Course Mission

The objectives of the course are to sharpen students’ ability to:

  1. Determine if they could (or should) become involved in a business start-up;
  2. Recognize and analyze new venture opportunities from the viewpoints of the entrepreneur and potential stakeholders;
  3. Anticipate problems faced by new ventures so they can be managed effectively; and
  4. Prepare a cohesive, concise and persuasive business proposal for a new venture.

Course Scope

Entrepreneurs and their firms are celebrated by the media and their communities.  But what does it take to start a business?   This course will allow you to be an entrepreneur for a term.  The major emphasis in the course is a real world hands-on approach to learning what it’s like to start a company.   You will pitch a venture concept, research the market for your product or service, prepare marketing and launch plans, develop financial projections, and prepare a business plan.   You’ll formulate key hypotheses related to the uncertainty of the venture and test them by interacting with potential customers, suppliers, partners and competitors.

This is a highly experiential course where you will be able to apply and integrate your entire business education and experience to a practical project.  Using a mixture of readings, exercises, cases and speakers, a broad spectrum of issues are introduced, covering the entrepreneurial process from opportunity recognition, to startup, growth and harvesting. You will interact with the business community and potential customers, work effectively in teams, and participate actively in class discussions and exercises.

Evaluation and Grade Distribution

ComponentTeam/IndividualDue DateWeight
Pitch of Best Business Concept (1 slide, 1 minute)  IndividualWeek 4 or 515%
Online Written Commentary of Classmates’ Business IdeasIndividualWeek 4 or 510%
Presentation of Market Research To-Date (5 Minutes)TeamWeek 810%
Written Business Plan (Slide Deck) and Presentation TeamLast class30%
Answers to Class Prep Questions on Survey Monkey IndividualOngoing15%
In-Class ContributionIndividualOngoing20%

Required Resources

The instructor will post links to most of the material and will provide a course pack containing the cases that students need to purchase.

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