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RSM2530H – Creativity and Business Innovation (Summer 2022)

General Information


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Applicable Emphases:
(m) = Main, (s) = Supplemental

  • N/A

Applicable Major(s):
(c) = Core, (r) = Recommended

  • Brand Management (c)
  • Business Design (r)
  • Health Sector Management (r)
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship (c)


Dr. Angèle Beausoleil is the Assistant Professor of Business Design and Innovation at the Rotman School of Management and Academic Director of the Business Design Initiative. Professor Beausoleil brings deep industry experience to her teaching of design and creative thinking methodologies for business innovation. A former communications designer, marketer, strategist and innovation lab executive, she applies her 20+ years in private practice in creative industries to triggering and facilitating creative confidence in business students. With a PhD in design-driven innovation, she leads research on innovative capabilities, and is a board member for Telefilm Canada. Dr. Beausoleil is also a visiting lecturer at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. This is a core course option for the Business Design, Brand Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, Health Sector Management Majors at Rotman.


6-hour studio/class per day over 5 days (1-week intensive) Flipped classroom and hybrid learning (in-person and online sync depending on COVID-19 restrictions)

Course Mission

This studio-based course is aimed at students interested in understanding how creativity is learned, developed and applied to business innovation activities. The learning objectives are to:

  • Demonstrate your creative potential; how to unlock it, express it and foster it
  • Recognize that creativity is a choice and a process
  • Learn and practice the five critical characteristics of creative innovators
  • Understand and practice divergent thinking
  • Gain experience using creative thinking tools to solve business problems and create new product, service or process innovations.

Course Scope

This one-week (5 days) intensive course will challenge you to develop your personal and professional creativity. Creative thinking skills can be developed and refined, albeit with effort and practice. Through a combination of light lectures, thought experiments, field trips, and immersive in-class activities, you will engage in creative ways to see problems and opportunities more clearly, and develop solutions unseen and unimagined by others. The goal of this course is to provide a variety of methods and experiences that focus on fostering your own creative abilities, along with how to apply them in teams and as a leader on problems that matter.

Evaluation and Grade Distribution

ComponentDue DateWeight
Individual Class ParticipationOngoing20%
Individual Creative Thinking Tests (3)Day 1, 2, 430%
Individual Comic Book Business CaseDay 325%
Group Creative Final Project Day 525%

Required Resources

Students are required to purchase a printed workbook (at cost)– made available at the first class. Required readings, online videos and podcasts will be provided on Quercus.

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