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Master of Finance Curriculum


Master of Finance (MFin) students take 12 courses over five terms.

Note: This is a tentative schedule for the Master of Finance program and is subject to change. Courses in this program are not open to other University of Toronto students or the general public.

MFin Course Calendar 2022–23

Year 1

Fall TermSpring TermSummer Term
RSM4310 – Foundations of FinanceRSM4220 – Advanced AccountingRSM4315 – Investment Banking & Valuation
RSM4216 – Financial Reporting and Financial Statement Analysis RSM4319 – Forecasting Risks and OpportunitiesRSM4311 – Macroeconomics for Finance Professionals
RSM4317 – Analysis of Fixed Income SecuritiesRSM4322 – Application of Derivatives Products (Part 2)
RSM4322 – Application of Derivatives Products (Part 1)

Year 2

Fall TermSpring Term
RSM4323 – InvestmentsRSM4314 – Risk Management and Financial Institutions
RSM4324 – Innovations in FinanceRSM4318 – Applied Portfolio Management (Second Half) / Capstone
RSM4318 – Applied Portfolio Management (First Half)

Term Dates and Academic Schedule

Fall Term

Class of 2023 (MFin23): September 10 – December 14, 2022

Class of 2024 (MFin24): September 9 – December 14, 2022

Spring Term

Class of 2023 (MFin23): January 4 – April 8, 2023

Class of 2024 (MFin24): January 3 – April 15, 2023

Summer Term

Class of 2024 (MFin24): April 22 – June 28, 2023

Academic Schedule

MFin courses are scheduled Wednesday evenings and on alternating Saturdays. Classes are either two-and-a-half or three hours in length, depending on the specific course and day on which they are delivered.

Each student’s course schedule is available on Quercus. There are also links to view the schedule in several formats, including a downloadable format that is compatible for importing into most PDAs and MS Outlook. Please note that from time to time, it may be necessary to cancel or re-schedule classes and consequently, students are well-advised to view their personal schedules on a regular basis.

Course Selection

Students are automatically enrolled in courses upon payment of tuition fees. Due to the integrated nature of the MFin curriculum, courses must be taken in the sequence outlined in the program curriculum. Students who experience difficulty with the course load or a particular subject should consult the Associate Director for advice.

Adding or Dropping Courses

Once a student has enrolled in a core course, they remain enrolled unless they officially request to drop the course. There are official dates by which a student must withdraw without academic penalty, otherwise, a failing mark will appear on their record. In order to drop a core course—without academic penalty—no more than 50% of the course contact hours have been completed. Should you need to drop a course, a formal request must be made in writing by emailing the Associate Director.

Course Materials and Course Work

Course Packages and Textbooks

The cost of course packages and textbooks for all Master of Finance courses is covered in the compulsory Rotman ancillary fee assessed to students (on the tuition fee invoice).

Copyright in Course Lectures

If a student wishes to record, photograph, video-record, or otherwise reproduce lecture presentations, course notes ,or similar material provided by instructors, they must obtain the instructor’s written consent beforehand. Otherwise, all such reproduction is an infringement of copyright and is absolutely prohibited. In the case of private use by students with special needs, the instructor’s consent will not be unreasonably withheld.

Submission of Assignments and Examinations

All assignments in Master of Finance courses must be submitted in accordance with the instructor’s instructions. The introduction of any late penalties (or special consideration) is at the instructor’s discretion.

Students must use the Individual or Group Assignment Cover Page when submitting any materials unless otherwise noted by the instructor. The Assignment Cover Page templates are available on Quercus under MFin Program Services Resources/Forms, Templates & Cover Pages / Assignment Cover Pages.

Leave Policy

Students registered in the Master of Finance program may apply to the Director, Academic Services for a one-term to three-term (one academic year) leave during their program of study for:

  • Serious health or personal problems which temporarily make it impossible to continue in the program
  • Parental leave by either parent at the time of pregnancy, birth or adoption, and/or to provide full-time care during the child’s first year. Parental leave must be completed within twelve months of the date of birth or custody. Where both parents are graduate students taking leave, the combined total number of sessions may not exceed four.

Students may make an application for a leave by completing the School of Graduate Studies Leave Request form and submitting it to the Director, Academic Services for approval. Note that the lock-step nature of the MFin program makes one or two term leaves difficult. Three term leaves (one academic year) are possible.

The termination date of the degree program (i.e. expected graduation date) will be extended by the duration of the leave taken (i.e. one, two, or three sessions as appropriate). Except for parental leave or in exceptional circumstances, it is not expected that a student will be granted more than one leave under the terms of this policy. Normally the start and finish of the leave would coincide with the start and end of a term.

School of Graduate Studies policies dictate that students on leave do not have access to University resources. As such, MFin students who are on leave will not be able to attend or audit courses; will not have card access to the Rotman building(s); and will not have access to services through Career Services. However, students will continue to have access to their Rotman email to enable communication with the School for the duration of the leave.

Students on a leave are responsible for the monthly interest payments on their Professional Student Loan Plan for the duration of their leave. Students are advised to contact the Registrar’s Office to discuss eligibility for Rotman or University of Toronto scholarships or award reinstatement upon return. In the case of external awards, the regulations of the particular granting agency apply and students are advised to contact the granting agency directly.

Graduation Requirements

Students must satisfactorily complete all 12 required courses in order to meet the graduation requirements of the Master of Finance Program.

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