Rotman operations management association

What is ROMA?

The Rotman Operations Management Association is a student run organization that helps students explore career paths in Operations Management across various industries such as Consulting, Financial Services, Healthcare, Technology, Energy, Retail and Logistics. We provide opportunities and handhold students to build their network, skills and profile by organizing various events, trainings and providing resources.


ROMA organizes many networking and recruitment opportunities for 1st and 2nd year students with industry professionals through events and activities like Industry Panels, Case Competitions, and Industry Visits to establish a strong foundation for future success.

Networking night with Operations professionals in Toronto

Training sessions led and provided by senior consultants for students interested in pursuing a Six Sigma certification

Visits to company facilities like Amazon fulfilment centres, Hudson's Bay Company e-commerce distribution center, etc.

Student development programs such as Resume Clinics and Mock Interviews

In partnership with a company (such as Walmart), students compete to solve a problem.

Industry specific panels spanning different industries, such as Consulting and Consumer Packaged Goods

How to Join?

Membership is open to all Rotman MBA students. Incoming students can sign-up through the clubs signup link in the My Program page of R-World during the clubs fair, or throughout the year by contacting the club executives at

Club Guidelines

• Your professionalism is essential to maintain a positive reputation for Rotman students
• Attendance is mandatory once you have registered for an event
• If you cannot attend an event you registered for, you must give ROMA a minimum of 24 hours notice
• If you are late for an event, you will not be allowed to participate
• You will be asked to leave an event if your conduct is unprofessional
• Students who miss, are late for, or are asked to leave an event will receive a strike
• Students with two strikes will not be permitted to register for the following two events
• It is your responsibility to find a ROMA rep with a sign-in sheet to confirm you are at an event
• Students who do not sign in will receive a strike