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Executive Team 2022-23

Jingbo Chen


Jingbo is a supply chain/operations enthusiast. Prior to joining Rotman, he spent 3 years managing end-to-end international commodity trades and 1 year doing risk assurance. Currently, he holds multiple certifications related to supply chain/operations management. He is happy to talk about anything related to this field.

What did you love the most about the club?

This club is a hub for like-minded students in Rotman to gather and have a great time together. We share stories and have fun. At the end of the day, we form strong bonds.

What is one tip you have for the incoming class?

Stay clear-minded about your goal and what you are trying to accomplish. Talk with people and check your goal/theories/ assumptions. Stay calm and enjoy the ride! 


Gramya Srivastava

VP ExtendedGramya

I have a technology background and almost 6 years of work experience. I am currently employed as a Senior Consultant at Deloitte and work on leading and implementing the strategy, organization design etc. for end-to-end AI based projects. I provide consultancy for business/technology/tax in different service lines for the external clients around the globe. I have successfully delivered multiple projects to its entirety and am well versed with many AI tools. I also work on the operational side of the project and build processes, align people, find gaps to modify the current structure.

What do you love the most about the club?

Networking with people with similar operational experience and enhancing my knowledge area. Sharing my own experience with others to help them achieve their targets.

What is one tip you have for the incoming class?

Start working on your targeted career goal from day 1, you have a lot to gather from Rotman program, reach out to the professors or Rotman students for any amount of knowledge or tips for your future.


Rohan Thomas

VP Industry Relations

Rohan brings experience developing corporate strategy, improving operational effectiveness, and developing new products in the renewable energy and aerospace industries. He’s helped firms navigate international manufacturing partnerships and overhauled operational processes to improve efficiency. He is passionate about helping businesses navigate complex problems through research and collaboration.

At Rotman, Rohan’s focus is to combine his engineering experience with business knowledge to provide clients with holistic, well-rounded advice. Rohan enjoys biking, hiking, and rock climbing. He is an avid outdoor enthusiast and enjoys spending time outdoors. Rohan is also a passionate cook, and loves experimenting with food.

What do you love the most about the club?

ROMA provides a platform for members to meet their peers and learn from their experiences. I’ve been able to meet some wonderful people through the club!

What is one tip you have for the incoming class?

It’s easy to get lost when things get intense – remember to take a moment and focus on the big picture!

Nazia Sultana

VP Industry Relations

I have 12 years of experience in Supply Chain and procurement. In my last role, I worked as a “Global Procurement Manager” for Nestle group, and oversaw the strategic sourcing activities for Technical and Logistics categories on the global scope. My responsibility includes developing and implementing Category Sourcing Strategy, negotiating global contracts, contract management, stakeholder management, etc. Prior to this role, I also worked in sourcing, distribution, inventory planning, trade return, and warehousing.

What do you love the most about the club?

ROMA is a small cozy club, that upholds the spirit of meaningful connections among the members as well as with the people in the industries.

What is one tip you have for the incoming class?

Focus on what you really want to do post MBA, however, keep on exploring diverse options. If you are keen to explore Operations, we are here to offer help 🙂


Meridith Chung

VP Communications

Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, Meridith brought to Canada a passion for product, people and process. Prior to Rotman, she was a product development engineer for a flexible packaging manufacturing company in the US and could always be found in the office or “on the floor”, searching for the secrets to manufacturing and operational success. At Rotman, she is enjoying her exploration of the interfaces between human-centered design, technology and operations, and tying it all back to her past life as an engineer.

What do you love the most about the club?

ROMA has allowed me to get out in the field, walk the floor, and learn new skills, all while becoming part of a close-knit family.

What is one tip you have for the incoming class?

Don’t be afraid to think differently. The Rotman MBA is an opportunity to redefine the person you want to become.


Hexiao Wang

VP Communications

An enthusiast of data analytics, Mark has worked in business transformation and data analytics for the past 3 years. His role as a technology consultant allowed him to build better perspectives on how data analytics is applied in the supply chain, retail, and even pasture management! Mark also enjoys endurance sports, especially road cycling.

What do you love the most about the club?

Relatively new to the business concept of operations management, Mark finds interacting with ROMA the best way to build an understanding of the subject. Moreover, as data is an inseparable part of operations management, Mark wishes to find opportunities to connect ROMA and RBAC to form a more holistic experience for the club members.

What is one tip you have for the incoming class?

Be patient and be consistent when facing obstacles. Studying for good grades and looking for jobs are marathons, not sprints.


Abhishek Derek Ellie

VP Operations

Abhishek Derek is a licensed Professional Engineer with 6 years of experience in the energy industry, specializing in engineering design, stakeholder engagement, and implementation strategy. During this time, he designed unique and sustainable design solutions and oversaw their implementation to resolve issues related to operating performance and safety margin management. At Rotman, Abhishek Derek is keen to further develop his business acumen in strategy and implementation, business development, and client engagement.

What do you love the most about the club?

The club is a great way to meet new people and form bonds that can last far into the future after Rotman. It is also a great way to pursue your passion or explore a new and interesting field!

What is one tip you have for the incoming class?

Remember to always take a step back and look at the big picture during the school year. Although things will get super busy, remember life goes on


Arman Rasekh

VP  FinanceArman

Hello! I love camping, canoeing, droning, and some snowboarding. Prior to starting the MBA program, I got my Professional Engineer designation and practiced as an energy systems consultant and project manager, serving public and private clients. I was the key point of contact for clients while leading 10-15 projects every year. I volunteer as a Government Liaison Representative with the Professional Engineers Ontario. I also completed some coursework in Germany at WHU Otto School of Management right after first year of the NBA. Talk to me about anything NBA-related.

What do you love the most about the club?

ROMA represents a wide range of careers that are separate from the traditional MBA careers, and frankly sometimes overlooked. I started my MBA not overly interested in finance or consulting; I did enjoy learning about those areas however I knew there is much more to learn about other industries. I found ROMA to be that golden link. The universal nature of operations allows ROMA to familiarize students with many (if not all) industries and functions, even within finance and consulting.

What is one tip you have for the incoming class?

Learn how to take care of your mental health. Keep your bigger goal in mind but also keep an open mind.

Yash Rane

VP Career DevelopmentYash

I have worked in forecasting, demand & supply planning, and logistics in my career. As part of my previous role: I oversaw the yearly topline plan; built out supply models for the manufacturing and distribution network; and put in place an MRP model for material acquisition. Feel free to reach out with questions on the Rotman experience / my past.

What do you love the most about the club?

The opportunity to meet people from the field of Operations, to hear what their stories are, and help them achieve their goals.

What is one tip you have for the incoming class?

Be clear on what your goals are for the program. It’ll make it easier to not sweat the small stuff.