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Full-Time MBA Program

For information on the first-year electives for Full-Time MBA students, see First Year Full-Time MBA Term 4 Electives.

JD/MBA Program

The combined JD/MBA Program enables students to obtain both the JD and MBA degrees in four years instead of the five normally required to receive the degrees separately.


In years three and four of this program, JD/MBA students enroll in a combination of MBA electives and Law courses, with 21 credit hours (seven elective courses) at Rotman and 45 credits at the Faculty of Law.

Students may take courses at Rotman and the Faculty of Law in any order during the final two years of the program, providing standard requirements for prerequisites/co-requisites are met. For full program details, visit the Faculty of Law JD/MBA Program page and the Faculty of Law Academic Handbook.

Summer Term Enrollment

Law students, including those in combined degree programs, cannot do academic work over the summer for academic credit. This includes EXTra credit courses.

JD/MBA Program Restrictions

Students may not enroll in the following courses due to their overlapping course content:

JD/MBA Students and First-Year Firm Recruitment

Students in the second year of the combined JD/MBA program may choose to participate in first-year law firm Toronto recruitment for summer positions in law. This recruitment is governed by the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) and provides set dates on which students may interview. The LSUC endeavours to schedule the week during which interviews occur so that most Ontario law schools may benefit from the interviews occurring during Reading Weeks. These interviews have often taken place during the University of Toronto Reading Week and over an intensive 72-hour period (Tuesday–Thursday).

Students in the JD/MBA program may experience conflicts between academic activities scheduled in the MBA program and the recruitment period.

In the event of conflicts with examinations or the like, students should submit an application for permission to be interviewed outside of this window, in writing, to the Associate Registrar for the Law Society of Upper Canada. Students should consult the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) for information on the petition requirements.

MGA/MBA Program

The combined MGA/MBA program is designed for students interested in studying the intersections of Business and Global Affairs. The combined program permits the completion of both degrees in three years rather than the four years it would take to acquire them independently. After completing their first year of full-time studies, Fall and Spring Terms, at the Munk School of Global Affairs (MGA), students then undertake the Global Internship for the Summer Term. In second year, students begin their Full-Time MBA studies. In the third year, students take both MBA and MGA courses.

MGA/MBA students take five Rotman elective courses, equivalent to 15 credit hours, in their third year of study.

Course Restrictions

The Flexible Internship Program, which is required for students doing the FT MBA degree program only, is not part of the MGA/MBA combined degree program. Students in the MGA/MBA program are not required to take the work placement course (internship and RSM1380H course), however, they will be eligible to take the work placement course, if they so desire, as an extra elective. Permission of the MBA Academic Director is required to ensure that the learning outcomes have value for a particular individual student.

MGA/MBA students wishing to take electives for MGA credit will follow the same practice as Out of Faculty students. The Registrar’s Office will send a list of eligible electives and a copy of the application form to the MGA department a few weeks after Course Match selection ends for MBA students.

Morning and Evening MBA Program

Morning and Evening MBA students must complete ten (10) electives (in addition to RSM2622 – Leadership Development Practicum) to complete degree requirements. Elective courses will be taken across Year 2 Spring and Summer, and Year 3 Fall and Spring.

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