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Full-Time MBA Professional Code of Conduct and Recruitment Policy

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General Information

The following guidelines have been established to create a positive recruitment environment at Rotman. The Rotman Recruitment Policy (RRP) was designed to ensure fair access to our talent and provides the foundation for an ethical recruiting process for both students and employers during the internship/co-op and full-time recruiting cycles. It provides dedicated time for first-year academic transition and allows all students the opportunity to fulfill academic commitments (i.e. exams and deliverables). Students need to read and adhere to the Designated Rotman Recruitment Periods listed in the policy. The spirit of this policy is to support the long-term success of all campus partners and improves the collective student experience.

Students who fail to comply with this policy may result in any of the following penalties including suspension of access to career service (i.e. job postings, Rotman connect (alumni networking database), attendance to future career events / networking opportunities, and/or notification to senior management) at the discretion of the Career Centre. This policy is the result of extensive consultations with employers and students and is supported by senior management.

Thank you in advance for continuing to promote the strong Rotman brand through your interactions with the business community.

Student Information

Students will ensure that all information provided to the Career Centre (CC) and to employers in all written and verbal correspondence will be honest, accurate, and complete. This includes (but is not limited to) information related to the following: résumés, cover letters, transcripts, employment information, interviews, and job offer data submitted to the CC for statistical purposes.

Recruitment Sessions

Students are expected to exhibit professionalism in signing up for and attending recruitment sessions as follows:

  • Zero strike policy: Once registered, students unable to attend must cancel at least two business calendar days (Monday–Friday) in advance in RCareer on the HUB.
  • Business attire and a nametag is expected, unless otherwise stated.
  • Arrive on time and plan to stay for the entire presentation. Latecomers will not be admitted into the session.
  • Students who miss any recruitment sessions for which they have signed up (and not cancelled with at least two business calendar days of notice) will have their access to attend future recruitment events/sessions revoked.
  • RSVP to events off-campus by the date indicated. Students should not attend an event if they have not confirmed attendance. Once registered, students unable to attend must cancel at least two business calendar days (Monday–Friday) in advance in writing to the employer and/or event organizer.

Interviews / Interview Cancellations

Students are expected to demonstrate professionalism and integrity within the interview process and adhere to all designated interview periods outlined in the recruitment policy for both internships and full-time graduate. Specifically, all students are expected to:

  • Ensure that job applications are submitted to postings for which there is a genuine interest and accept interviews based on interest in the posting.
  • Schedule interviews around academic blackout periods, tests, etc.
    • Note: First-year student interviews may begin in November.
  • Reschedule interviews that have direct academic conflicts with the employer and seek assistance from the Career Centre. If a change is not possible, and it results in a missed class, or portion thereof, instructors expect that students will keep them informed of any sessions they would have to miss due to recruiting activities, and that students will promptly catch up on any missed content. Specific class participation requirements are not uniform across the courses, and each instructor will have shared with students the requirements for their course. If students miss a class for the purpose of attending an interview or recruitment session, please note that the Program Services Office will not be able excuse them or grant the accommodation they would for an illness or other emergency, and students will be subject to the course policy for other kinds of absences, as determined by the instructor.
  • Notify the Career Centre at least 48 hours in advance, should there be a need to cancel an interview due to a medical/family emergency or acceptance of another job.
  • Once scheduled, adhere to the interview time; any requested changes will be made only in the event of an emergency. In this situation, students must notify the Career Centre immediately to enable timely communication to the company. Students’ prompt action may allow the company to assign another Rotman MBA student to the interview slot. Students who fail to appear for an interview without proper notification or cancellation will be required to write a formal letter of apology to the corporate recruiter, with a copy of the letter submitted to the Director of the Career Centre.

Job Offers

In order to enhance our service to students and employers, the following actions related to verbal or written job offers must be adhered to by students:

  • Inform the Career Centre of offer status in a timely manner as it allows the Career Centre to provide better service to both students and employers. All students are required to complete an employment survey for both internships and graduate offers (verbal or written).
  • Upon acceptance of an offer (verbal or written) for an internship or graduate position, students should immediately stop interviewing for other positions. Any previously scheduled interviews must also be cancelled in order to allow other Rotman students the opportunity to be considered for all outstanding positions.
  • Verbal acceptance of an offer is considered binding to both parties.
  • Ask for some flexibility from a recruiter should there be a need to extend the offer/acceptance deadline to carefully weigh more than one offer. Students are encouraged to contact their Career Coach for guidance in handling these situations.

Reneging Job Offers

  • By signing the Rotman Code of Conduct, students understand that accepting a job offer is a professional commitment.
  • Any withdrawal of an accepted offer is a serious breach of the professional code and carries with it serious consequences for the student and Rotman’s relationship with the company. This behaviour creates a reputational risk for both the student and for Rotman which takes interview opportunities away from other Rotman students.
  • Students who renege on job offers will no longer have access to Career Services including job postings.

Flexible Internships

  • Students are expected to honour their internship employment commitments as pertaining to their employment contract.
  • Students who have secured an internship and are interested in participating in other Rotman sanctioned/organized activities (such as Global Consulting Projects) during the same timeframe must ensure these additional activities do not interfere with their ability to honour their internship commitments, before committing to other activities.

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