Campus recruiting

Connect with large firms at Rotman

Graduate Campus Recruiting  is a recruiting method used mostly by global employers seeking to hire students into new-graduate positions that start after students graduate, typically in the summer. Positions are open to graduate students entering their final year of study. As industries continue to evolve and new ones emerge, hiring cycles are evolving with them. Companies from traditional industries like banking and consulting are coming to the School as early as July (versus September) to acquire new talent, while firms from other industries are recruiting throughout the year. Students should be proactive in preparing ahead so they don’t miss out on deadlines.


Campus recruiting is a highly competitive process spanning beyond Rotman to many other graduate programs across Canada and abroad, with employers seeking to hire the top talent of the graduating class. For some roles,  factors such as relevant work experience, skills, GPA, GMAT score and fit are all important for interview selection. Interviews require significant preparation including company research, networking, and detailed technical/case and behavioural preparation.

Participate in Campus Recruiting

Since these positions are typically entry-level and targeted at new graduates, focus will be on students with lesser experience. While some students may view campus recruitment as a potential way to make a career change, participation requires a significant investment of preparation time. 


Preparation begins with researching target industries, companies and roles; participating in club or case competitions; preparing extensively for technical interviews; refining your career story; and networking with alumni and company representatives. The Fall (full-time) campus recruitment cycle typically consists of company presentations open only to graduating students, submitting targeted job applications and (possibly) interviews.

Before you decide to participate in campus recruitment, ask yourself:

  • Are these positions a good fit for me and my career goals?
  • Can I commit to the amount of time and effort required for these opportunities?


If you wish to participate in campus recruitment, please make an appointment with your Career Coach.


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