The Rotman Advantage

Top employers recognize the value of a Rotman degree. They know that you bring the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to make a meaningful impact in your chosen field and role — right from day one.


Strong fundamentals

Your Rotman education gives you a solid grounding in management principles and how organizations work. You develop critical thinking, strategic and problem-solving capabilities. And you hone a wide range of practical skills that employers value, from communications and presentation techniques, to collaboration and teambuilding, to fluency in key business technology platforms.


Relevant experience

As you complete your degree, you test and refine the skills you’ve developed in the classroom through hands-on experience in relevant industries and disciplines — from internships and practicum projects to case competitions designed and overseen by leaders in your field.


Scope and perspective

Rotman graduates learn to think about business in its larger context: social, economic, technological and environmental. And during your time at the School, you’re immersed in an extraordinarily diverse community where you can exchange ideas and collaborate with peers from a wide array of backgrounds and experiences. You enter the workplace with a global outlook, an understanding of the complex business landscape and a deep appreciation for the power of diversity to drive organizations forward.


See the Rotman Advantage in action 

Explore the following videos to get a taste on what the Rotman Advantage is really like.