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Looking to validate your current career interests or explore new roles and industries? This section includes resources that help you narrow your career focus, determine your “fit” for target roles, identify any requirement “gaps” (i.e., key skill sets, designations and experiences you don’t have) and create an action plan to bridge them.

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Career research resources

Industry & Job Function guides

Both the Industry and Function guides are meant to provide you with a “bite-sized” view of the industry and the field, along with additional resources for exploring them at a deeper level. You’re expected to become a “student” of your target industry and functions, and these sheets will help you.


Personal network

Speak to your relatives, friends, former colleagues and classmates, part-time students, alumni, etc. Ask members of your network if they have contacts in your target industry, companies and roles they could introduce you to. (Do some online research first so you come across as prepared.)


Rotman student clubs

Join clubs that focus on specific industries and job functions, such as the Management Consulting Association (MCA), Rotman Finance Association (RFA) and Rotman Marketing Association (RMA).


Special events

Attend Rotman Speaker Series, club events, board of trade events and others related to your target industry.


Rotman’s Milt Harris Library

The library is a rich source of information about industries and companies. You’ll find many helpful databases and webpages, such as the Career Guides page, which includes:

  • How to search for public and private companies by industry or location
  • Job seekers’ guides for selected industries
  • Databases by subject
  • Links to periodicals
  • Company rankings


For Rotman graduate students only, we also have company pages to help with interview preparation (requires log-in with your Rotman ID). The majority of the companies listed are public, as there is limited information available for private companies. Please contact one of our librarians for any research assistance you may require.


Online job postings

To find job postings, search by company or keyword on sites like and LinkedIn. To determine common job requirements, study postings for the same role at multiple companies to understand what the market is looking for. Copy job postings into a Word document, a note-taking app or Google Docs so you can refer to them later. (Don’t just save the links — the postings could disappear.)


The Full Time Opportunities posted on RCareer is a report that helps students determine what type of companies and roles they can find on RCareer all year round. Utilize this report to build out your networking strategy and to research on companies and roles you are interested in exploring.


For background information, look at RCareer’s expired job postings. You can search our hundreds of examples to get a sense of the types of jobs that have been posted at Rotman.


To view expired postings:

    1. Access RCareer through the Rotman hub on the My Career Services tab.
    2. Click on “Job Postings” and “All Jobs.”
    3. Make sure to click “Include Expired Jobs” when conducting a search.


Industry professional associations

Professional associations are often good sources of information, events and networking opportunities. Below are some of the more prominent ones.



LinkedIn and industry-focused groups

Joining LinkedIn Groups and industry-focused groups is another good research strategy. Their discussions can help you learn about trending topics, make connections and demonstrate your thought leadership.


Firsthand (Formerly Vault Career Intelligence)

Firsthand gives you access to award-winning Career Guides, detailed industry overviews, rankings and reviews of top companies, and much more. Please follow the instructions on the main page to register for your account. Click “Get Started”, followed by “Register Now”.



Glassdoor posts information provided by anonymous employees and job seekers, including company reviews, salary information, interview questions and more.

Global opportunities

Explore global opportunities including companies that have previously posted with Rotman. Please note that the timing of global campus recruitment may be different than Canada’s.


Deciding to explore a global career may be your sole focus or part of your combined search strategy for either full-time employment or an internship. In either case, it’s critical that you:

  • Notify your Career Coach of your intent to work abroad so that they are able to support you
  • Update your geographic preferences in RCareer with your top country/city targets
  • Understand the legal requirements for working in specific countries and how they apply to you and your country of origin or citizenship
  • Rotman provides access to GoinGlobal, where you can search for associations, boards of trade, LinkedIn Groups, etc., in the geographic areas that interest you.


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