Online etiquette

Your virtual presence matters

When you attend online events with employers or alumni, your actions contribute towards both your personal brand and the Rotman brand. Please exhibit professionalism when you sign up for and attend online information sessions, webinars, company events, coffee chats, panel discussions and presentations.


  • Do dress in business attire, as you would for in-person employer events.
  • Do research the company and prepare thoughtful questions in advance.
  • Do prepare a brief introduction (30 to 45 seconds), in case you’re asked to introduce yourself.
  • Do test your computer’s webcam, microphone and speakers.
  • Do adjust your camera to eye level. A camera that is angled upwards or downwards isn’t flattering. Place a box or book beneath your laptop, if necessary.
  • Do find a quiet location with a clean and simple backdrop and good lighting.
  • Do check that your internet connection is strong. If not, find an alternate location.
  • Do look into your camera when speaking. This is the equivalent of making eye contact in person.
  • Do upload a professional photo, if the platform uses participant headshots.
Set-up and log-in
  • Do check in advance which online platform will be used and whether you need to register.
  • Do ensure your computer’s operating system is compatible with the online platform. Download or update the software, if needed.
  • Do sign in to a webinar with your first and last name (as they appear on your student ID).
  • Do log in at least 5 to 10 minutes early to mitigate any technical issues.
  • Do plan to stay for the entire presentation.
  • Do turn on your camera and mute your microphone, unless otherwise requested.
  • Do present yourself professionally on camera, and act as you would during an in-person Career Services event.
  • If you need to temporarily leave your computer or device, turn off your camera and mute your microphone before doing so.
  • If you are experiencing connectivity issues, you may want to send the host or co-host a private message to let them know. Make an effort to participate in other ways, such as asking and responding to questions.
  • Do be curious and ask questions.
  • Do provide your input by participating in discussions and polls.
  • Do pay attention to the speaker(s) and presentation.
  • Do share the space – give others an opportunity to contribute and take turns speaking, when applicable.
  • Mute your microphone when you are finished speaking.


  • Don’t forget your actions online can leave a positive or negative impression on a prospective employer.
  • Don’t come across as unprepared or uninterested by asking questions you could easily answer with a web search.
  • Don’t have a disorganized or dimly lit background. If you don’t have access to a simple and neutral background, use a Rotman stock image.
  • Don’t choose a location with excessive background noise.
Set-up and log-in
  • Don’t be late for a session. Organizers may not admit latecomers.
  • Don’t sign in with a nickname. Use your full name. Some employers make note of attendees’ names.
  • Don’t ignore recommended or required video and microphone settings. If an employer has requested that participants turn on their cameras, please cooperate.
  • Don’t come across as distracted or uninterested throughout the presentation or when asked to participate. Employers pay attention to body language and student engagement.
  • Don’t look at your phone or have side conversations.
  • Don’t slouch or fidget.