Energy, Oil & Gas & Mining

General Requirements

  • Are you interested in an industry that embraces strategy, economics & financial analysis, project management, organizational behaviour and stakeholder relations skills?
  • Do you enjoy working in teams, have sensitivity to major issues of public concern, have a high stamina level and a “grass roots/in the field” approach to learning?
  • Do you enjoy being in an industry where environmental stewardship and sustainability are key drivers?
  • GPA is typically an important, initial selection criteria for roles in this industry. Your Rotman Career Coach can provide you with more information

Skills required

  • Strong qualitative and qualitative skills
  • Understanding of global commodity and energy markets and sustainability
  • Strong Project Management, Health & Safety Adherence and teamwork skills
  • Humbleness to go on-site to “learn the business”
  • GPA is important
  • Knowledge of Internal Strategic Management Consulting to the Energy/Resource Sector
  • Knowledge of Sales & Trading or Investment Banking for the Energy/Resource Sector to Financial Markets
  • Engineering/Project Management skills
  • Understanding of Risk and Regulatory work and how this is linked to underlying Global commodity prices and trading strategies
  • Proven ability to work in “multi-functional teams” with a strong HR/OB acumen
  • Excellent written communication skills, with the ability to interpret legal and policy documents

Type of Jobs

  • Regulatory, Rate Setting or Market Compliance
  • Financial Analyst/Evaluator or Risk Management
  • Project Manager
  • Energy or Commodity Trader
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Specialist or Business Development/Growth Specialist
  • Internal Management Consulting
  • Leadership Rotational Programs
  • Corporate Development (M&A roles)
  • Treasury Analyst
  • Marketing & Sales Management (Retail Distribution Channels)

Technical Preparation/Knowledge Building

  • Rotman Curriculum ex: Strategy, Finance, OB/HR and Entrepreneurship courses
  • Awareness of global energy/commodity trends
  • Additional education post MBA ex: PMP, CMA or CFA
  • Annual Calgary Based Oil & Gas & Energy Conferences, Annual Toronto Based PDAC Mining Conference
  • Rotman Energy Club-competitions, Internal & External
  • Follow the Energy Markets & economy daily by reading the newspaper (Globe & Mail) & industry magazines & develop a point of view & be able to back it up

Internal Resources

  • Excel Skills – Financial Modeling & Data Manipulation (offered through RO)
  • Rotman Energy and Natural Resources Association
  • Numerous Rotman MBA and UofT Alumni based in Western Canada

External Resources

Energy & Renewables:


Oil & Gas: