Real Estate

General Requirements

  • Have a passion for an industry that is creative, trend setting and grows in line with global demographics?
  • Have an interest in an industry which embraces technical smarts, entrepreneurship and relationship management?
  • Have a strong financial analysis background, written communication skills, understanding of Business Law
  • Have a zest for “seeing things built from the ground up” and are you curious about what your city will look like in the future?
  • Strong Financial Analysis and modelling skills and “deal origination skills”
  • Development experience an asset
  • Excellent written communication skills, with the ability to interpret legal documents
  • Knowledge of the “Real Estate Development Cycle”
  • Visionary – ability to visualize the “end state” look and feel of projects
  • GPA is typically an important, initial selection criteria for roles in this industry. Your Rotman Career Coach can provide you with more information

Skills required

  • Strong Market Knowledge and Quantitative & Qualitative skills
  • Ability to remain objective when considering multiple internal capital financing requests
  • Strong communication skills, additional language skills
  • Complex “deal analysis” skills using various complex financial, tax planning and legal structures
  • “Comfort with” & general understanding of legal documents and legal processes

Type of Jobs

  • Development Analysis
  • Economic & Real Estate Market Research
  • Commercial/Industrial Leasing
  • Asset Management of multiple premises
  • Project Management
  • Key Tenant Relationship Management

Technical Preparation/Knowledge Building

  • Rotman Curriculum ex: Real Estate Course, Negotiations and Business Law
  • Understanding of real estate specific financial analysis, modelling and software
  • Argus software training
  • Toronto BILD, ULI and NAIOP Events
  • Schulich Developers Den case competition
  • Follow the Real Estate Markets & economy daily by reading the newspaper (Globe & Mail) & industry magazines & develop a point of view & be able to back it up

Internal Resources

  • Excel Skills – Financial Modeling & Data Manipulation (offered through RO)
  • Rotman Real Estate Association (RREA)
  • Numerous Rotman MBA and UofT Alumni based in Toronto

External Resources

  • Marquee Group
  • Attendance at Toronto-based industry events and conferences