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Students at every career stage come to Rotman to gain the knowledge, agility and confidence demanded by a world that never stops accelerating. From the first day of your program, the Career Services team is here to help you map out your career objectives and take the best steps to achieve them.


As you complete your degree and set your sights on the next big opportunity, we are with you every step of the way. We work with you to underline your unique strengths and the capabilities you have developed during your time at Rotman — all to ensure you unlock the full value of a highly regarded business degree.

Count on Career Services

The Career Services team helps you become more skilled, confident and purposeful in charting a successful path forward. We work with you to take stock of — and communicate — the unique set of attributes you offer prospective employers.


Your personal strengths. We start with your specific talents and ambitions. More and more employers evaluate candidates in terms of their personal qualities rather than acquired skills. We use an assessment process to help you gain deeper insight into where and how you naturally succeed. Then we help you maximize the strengths that are most relevant to achieving your career ambitions.


Expert support, tailored to your goals. Career Services provides one-on-one coaching, resumé reviews, interview prep sessions — plus an array of tools, resources and interactive opportunities, from self-marketing workshops to information, recruiting and networking events.


Guidance in mapping your career journey. Whether you are just embarking on a professional career, looking to advance in your current role or planning a change in direction, we help you identify the specific actions required to move ahead quickly. From comprehensive industry research to deep dives on specific firms, we work with you to explore your options in detail and target the right opportunities.


Access to decision makers. We have longstanding relationships with recruiters, HR leaders and other hiring executives at a wide range of leading organizations. Our coaches are alert to shifting industry trends and organizations’ changing needs. Throughout the year, we facilitate events and networking opportunities that connect you with potential employers and industry professionals.

Getting started

This Career Services site has carefully curated tools and resources to help you move forward. Take some time to explore — and reach out with any questions. We’re here to help.


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